Were the Pornhub Awards the ‘Most Homophobic Experience’ Ever?—WATCH

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Gay porn stars and couple, Nick Fitt and Clark Davis, took to Twitter to share their experience at the Pornhub Awards, saying it was the “most homophobic experience of their lives.“

The pair started began the evening excited, tweeting, “Who will @ClarkDavisCB and I see at the @Pornhub awards tonight?! @ChrisDiamond_x we want a pic with you! We are representing@MileHighMovies @IconMaleand@cockyboys”

That excitement quickly turned to anger. “So we are leaving the Pornhub awards which was the most homophobic experience of my life — and yours,” Fitt says in the video posted to Twitter with Davis.

“They didn’t even call gay pornstars up to the stage except for Austin Wolf [who won best performer], who deserved his win, and he got up there and got very emotional, thanked his husband which was beautiful and amazing. But everybody else that was gay got treated like shit, and sat in weird places, they told us we could pick up trophies in the fucking trophy room.”

“It was just a complete homophobic disaster and I hope that STR8GAYPORN and Queermenow read this for f**king filth,” he said, referring to two popular blogs that cover the gay adult entertainment industry. “Pornhub shame on you.”

Fitt says the awards show wouldn’t allow him and Davis walk the red carpet.


During the ceremony, according to Fitt’s account, the gay porn winners were not called to the stage to receive their awards, and were only announced and told to claim their trophies in a lounge “in the back.”

Yesterday, Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub issued the following statement to Out: “We value all talent and treat everyone equally. All performers were allowed to walk the red carpet. Everyone had to wait in a line to walk the carpet. Towards the show, the line got long and people were asked to take their seats. It had nothing to do with being gay or straight. Half of all category winners accepted their awards on stage. The other half and fan awards were called out on stage and received in the lounge. They included straight and gay winners – not just gay. General admission is general admission. Anyone could sit wherever they want, aside from a small VIP section.”

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