Wil Wheaton, George M. Johnson, Seth Meyers, Mark Ruffalo, Pete Buttigieg, John Mulaney, Sam Wright, The Sack Lunch Bunch, and MORE: #GAYNRD DAILY #THIRSTY #THURSDAY

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PHOTO OF THE DAY Sam Wright on Instagram. “Can’t beat the hammock vibes man 😎 Quick throwback to Siargao, what a place 🏝 I did end up losing a decent amount of muscle during those 2 months away, but I’ve bounced back since then and I’m now back at my biggest 🦏”

GOOGLE publishes largest ever high-resolution map of brain connectivity. “It’s a fruit fly brain, but it’s still impressive,” says The Verge.

#TBT Director Bruce LaBruce declares today “Harrison Ford Appreciation Day.”

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Harrison Ford appreciation day

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HATE CRIME A Syracuse man has pleaded guilty to felony hate-crime charges stemming from a brutal attack on a gay couple outside the New York State Fair in August says Towleroad.

From Syracuse.com: The two victims tried to escape the situation by walking and driving away, but Ferlenda followed them to keep up his attack, police said. Prosecutor Anthony Mangovski said the “unbelievable” hatred showed by Ferlenda rivaled that of crimes with more serious injuries, like stabbings or shootings. And Ferlenda’s rage was directed at two complete strangers, he said. 

GUESS THE DIRTY MOVIE this passionate kiss is from! Email GayNrd@gmail.com and if you guess correctltly, you’ll win a prize.

BERNIE BRO gets a blow job and more in this trending video.



[Artwork]Muppet Lanterns by Amy Mebberson from r/DCcomics

ON THIS DAY ONE YEAR AGO Pete Buttigieg launched his presidential exploratory committee.

THE SACK LUNCH BUCH get the 92nd Street Y treatment. Seth Meyers interviews John Mulaney and the creators in this fun interview. From the description, “John Mulaney—along with co-writers Marika Sawyer and Eli Bolin, Director Rhys Thomas, and actress Shereen Pimentel—join moderator Seth Meyers to discuss Mulaney’s new Netflix special, John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch. Recorded January 20, 2020, at the 92nd Street Y.”


TWEET OF THE DAY Mark Ruffalo writes, “Get a guy who will play them all.”

TWEET OF THE DAY 2 Mark Hamill tweeted “OK. I’ll play along too… #Hamemeable”


THROWBACK THURSDAY to Uncanny X-Men #184 from 1984 (by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.).It was the first X-Men Comic I ever bought. As a young kid I didn’t know I was gay, but the idea of Forge’s “mutant detector” terrified me.

Quote1 No… I can’t deny it any longer! I’ve made a terrible mistake. Somehow, I’m stuck in the wrong past. And because of my stupidity… the world is doomed! Quote2

Rachel Summers
Synopsis for “The Past of Future Days” Dallas, Texas: Valarie Cooper and Raven Darkholme [aka Mystique of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants] of the Department of Super-Human Affairs have arrived at the high rise home of the mutant inventor Forge. They are initially taken aback by the holographic display capabilities of his dwelling. They arrive just as Forge’s old shaman is leaving; Forge refused to see the signs of some coming mystical danger. When his apathy toward his tribe’s plight prompts Naze to leave, Forge gets right down to business to show Val and Raven his latest invention. From researching the weapons of ROM the Spaceknight, Forge has been able to create a weapon that can neutralize the abilities of a super-human. However, he stresses that the weapon is a prototype and he is unsure whether the effects are permanent or what psychological effect they will have on its target. When Forge shows off his next invention, a mutant detector, Raven becomes worried that Forge might out her as a mutant, compromising her position. However, Forge tells Val the only mutant it detects is himself, however his jest does nothing more but anger Raven.

HAPPY PICARD DAY! After last night’s debut of Picard there’s lots to celebrate.

RECAP of Star Trek: Picard – Episode 1 “Remembrance” Recap  in The Ready Room hosted by Wil Wheaton!

Check out #GAYNRD’S Jessie Gender’s take!

THURSDAY MOOD over at Fraternity X. I don’t think they’re getting their security deposit back.

DARK FORESHADOWING for Damian Wayne in Legion of Superheroes # 3 out this week. Jonathan Kent/Superboy brought his best friend, Robin (Damian Wayne) to the 32nd century to meet his new friends and solve a mystery on Planet Gotham, but when Saturn Girl and the other Legionnaires find out Wayne is in their century they lose their shit. After returning him to his time and erasing his mind, Chameleon Boy makes a joke about going back in time and killing baby Hitler, to which Braniac 5 responds, “That is a deeply unfair assessment of Damian Wayne.”

To which Colossal Boy responds, “We don’t know what part of the timeline he was from–”

Is writer Brian Michael Bendis foreshadowing a new crisis coming caused by Damian?!

WE’RE DOOMED Scientists move Doomsday Clock closer to midnight. NBC reports, “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the hands of its symbolic Doomsday Clock closer to midnight, indicating that the likeliness of a human-caused apocalypse has increased since last year.”


“We are now expressing how close the world is to catastrophe in seconds — not hours, or even minutes,” Rachel Bronson, the Bulletin’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “We now face a true emergency — an absolutely unacceptable state of world affairs that has eliminated any margin for error or further delay.”

A-PRONOUN GAME goes to the Kree super soldier Noh Varr aka Marvel Boy (created by Grant Morrison) who announces his preferred pronouns to his new Nova Corps teammates.


and this:

MEANWHILE OVER AT EXCALIBUR Rictor is looking fine.

#TBT To the boys kissing. #Wiccan #Hulkiling

GEORGE M. JOHNSON ON U=U Johnson took to Twitter over the U=U campaign using people to endorse it when he feels that “the overall health of the persons living with HIV, as much as it centers negative people fearful of sleeping with us.”

Says Johnson, “My existence is an HIV campaign No white queer man is gonna bully me out of telling the truth about his movement that is harming my community. He picked the right one.”

Uncertain but it sounds like he was directing the comment at Prevention Access’ founder and Executive director Bruce Richman who responded, Interested in your criticism. Do you want to speak w/some leaders in the movement like @DavinaConner@Matovuwilliam1@BradyDale311@RiseUpToHIV@Matthew_Hodson@alex1979halle @placetokyo @HamahNsubuga @DrDemetremany more who feel strongly about it’s effect on PLHIV & the field.”

Can’t wait to read George’s essay on the topic Monday!

DC COMIC‘s upcoming YA graphic novel, Swamp Thing: Twin Branches, is from acclaimed YA author Maggie Stiefvater and artist Morgan Beem. Stiefvater is the award-winning author of critically acclaimed and bestselling YA fantasy novels The Scorpio Races, the Raven Cycle series, and All the Crooked Saints, among many others. Swamp Thing: Twin Branches marks Steivfater’s first work with DC. The plot follows teenager Alec Holland—a socially awkward outcast with a love of botany—as he navigates his final summer before starting college, wishing to be seen and accepted for who he is by his peers and—most importantly—by his popular twin brother, Walker.

“We live in a world of increasing connectivity and increasing disconnect,” said Stiefvater. “It’s easier than ever to meet someone with shared interests, which makes it harder to realize that just because someone looks just like you, they may see the world in a completely different way. Nature and humanity, though, have always had this difficult and fascinating relationship, equal parts longing and logic and misunderstanding  and projection, and I thought a reinvention of Swamp Thing would be an incredibly satisfying way to explore how hard complex relationships are as we learn who we are and what we need.”­­

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches is now available to pre-order and will hit stores and online retailers everywhere books are sold on October 13, 2020. See below for the official synopsis.

#TBT Get your hair did.

BEWITCHING TRAILER Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3

#ICYMI The New Mutants trailer looks creepy AF and seems to accurately capture the characters. Maisie Williams as Rahne/Wolfsbane is inspired casting.


CAN’T WAIT TO SEE  This gay Bollywood romp. Watch the Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan trailer.

MEME OF THE DAY If we can’t make fun of ourselves…


SURFER: TEEN CONFRONTS FEAR is a sexy look at Surfing.

THIRSTY THURSDAY Jedi in the streets, Sith in the sheets?

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#tbt “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Death Star? 1977?

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