Will Data Appear on Star Trek: Picard?

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Rumors are swirling that actor Brent Spiner will be returning as Trek’s famous 24th century android.

Matt Vernier of Revenge of the Fans reported that it looks like Brent Spiner will be making a guest appearance in Star Trek: Picard. Series enthusiasts are, of course, familiar with the man behind Data, the Soong-type android who served as lieutenant commander aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

BONN, GERMANY – MAY 19th 2018: Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes at Fedcon 27, a four day sci-fi fan convention.

We don’t think that Spiner will be putting on the arduous make-up that he had to endure when he played the android on The Next Generation, but most likely giving voice to a CGI Data.

Spiner noted when he did the voice over work for the season finale of Star Trek: Enterprise, that he felt it would do the character a disservice to show him “aged” as Spiner put it, since as an android he would look the same.

We’re into a CGI Data that can maybe do cooler things.

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