Trump Says He Dreams About Mayor Pete Much to His Chagrin: WATCH

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In his rally in Pennsylvania this week, Trump said he dreams about Mayor Pete.

Trump said, “I mean, you have Alfred E. Neuman who’s running, who’s like this guy? This guy Buttigieg. Can you believe he’s doing well? He’s like the leading fundraiser. I dream about him. It’s true.”

Buttigieg appearing on a Washington Post Live event on Friday during which he was asked about the impeachment vote by the House Judiciary Committee and how he would deal with Trump’s attacks said, “I’m not that worried [about Trump’s attacks and hostility] First of all, I’m gay and I grew up in Indiana so that kind of schoolyard talk doesn’t bother me. I’ve also seen a lot worse incoming than a tweet full of typos.”

“You can tell by the way that this president hasn’t figured out what to do or say about me,” Buttigieg added. “Although I will admit that it did bother me when he said that he dreams about me because I don’t know what exactly goes on in this president’s dreams, but I am certain that I want absolutely nothing to do with them.”



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