The Russian Minister of Culture Calls Comic Book Readers ‘Morons’

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First Brazil bans Young Avengers, now Russia is claiming comic-books are responsible for stupidity.

According to Bleeding Cool, “Not wanting Brazilian officials to have all the stupid fun this weekend, Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian Minister of Culture, sparked international outcry at the 32nd Moscow International Book Fair when he said that adult comic book readers are “morons.” Medinsky admitted that comics were good for children up to age seven or eight, but not for adults. He did admit that collecting them could be “fun,” but that they should never be read.”

“Comics – this is for those who can read poorly. I have a very bad attitude to comics. Comics are like chewing gum, as you say, this is not food. Comics – this orientation should be for a child who is only learning to read, up to seven – Eight years. But an adult to read comics is to admit that “I’m a moron, I read comics.” It’s probably possible to collect them, it’s fun, but not read,” reported the BBC.

In response to Medinsky’s comments, Dmitry Yakovlev, director of Russian comic book publisher Bumkniga, said:

It was strange for me to hear this statement when comic centers or some corners of comics are organized in government offices and libraries across the country, government money is allocated for this, books are bought. There are people who work in these centers. Probably Medinsky aware of this.

Russian comic book fans have been speaking out on social media under the hashtag #ячитаюкомиксы, or “read comics.”

Medinsky, also said that those who read regular prose books as superior to people who watch television, according to DP.

We still love books, we still love to read. And no offense to television people, as we know, those who read books – I always say this to our students, in every lecture – those who read, always run those who watch TV. Read books!

Someone should send him a copy of Red Son, the else worlds series where Kal-El lands in Ukraine as opposed to Kansas.

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