The Male High School Cheerleader Attacked with Homophobic Slurs Responds

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The male cheerleader who was the victim of homophobic slurs at Wilcox High in Cupertino, CA,  hasn’t returned to school but did a post a message on his Twitter account. A new petition that’s garnered almost 9,000 signatures states, “At a football game on October 18th, members of the Wilcox High School Varsity football team chanted homophobic slurs (including “f-g”) at a male member of the cheerleading team. They called him “gay” for cheerleading for THEIR team, and showing up every game to cheer them on.”

Despite the fact that the cheerleaders spend hours of their day cheering on various sports teams, these football members thought it appropriate to be cruel and harass a single cheerleader based on their biases and prejudice.

While many people are aware of this incident, there is a slim chance much will be done to change this behavior by tweeting/posting about it. The main purpose of this petition is to call the administration and football coaches to attention, so they can investigate this incident. This sickening incident requires consequences, so it never happens to someone again. It would be greatly appreciated if you shared this.

According to The Mercury News, “On Monday, Wilcox administrators asked the Santa Clara Police Department to investigate allegations that some football players leveled homophobic slurs at a 14-year-old male cheerleader during a pep rally and later at halftime of the varsity team’s football game Friday night. This news organization is not identifying the alleged victim and his family because he is a minor.”

It continues, “The alleged victim posted a Tweet Sunday night, verified by his father, admonishing those who he said attacked him.”

The Tweet read:

“I am a boy and i am on the cheer team. i understand that people might think that’s different but when it comes down to it nobody deserves to be talked about in a negative way at all. it doesn’t matter your sexual orientation, your gender, your religion, your race or anything else

“everyone should be treated equally and it hurts my heart that people on the football team that are almost fully grown and are talking about me and my teammates and bashing us for no reason other than me being gay and a freshman and my friends sticking up for me.

“THEN saying that nobody was talking bad about us or anything during the rally the people behind you heard everything you said and know your jersey number. i had nothing but respect for every single person on that team and everyone else i had no negative opinions on anyone.

“i mind my business everyday when i get to school and i never wanted anything bad to happen to myself, anyone that i care about, and everyone else otherwise. thank you to everyone that is doing what they can to help me and my teammates, and everyone that is checking up on me.”

Read the complete story here.

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