Patrick Stewart Officially Asks Whoopi Goldberg to Reprise Her Role as Guinan in Star Trek: Picard Season Two: WATCH

Make it so!

Patrick Stewart appearing on ABC’s The View today, ostensibly to promote the debut of his new series Star Trek: Picard premiering on CBS All Access tomorrow night, told View host Whoopi Goldberg he’d officially like her to reprise her Star Trek: The Next Generation role as Guinan.

Goldberg appeared as a semi-regular cast member on the hit 1990s sci-fi syndicated run of The Next Generation appearing on 29 episodes beginning in season two in 1988 and continuing through the feature films including the last one featuring the TNG cast Nemesis.

Stewart said to Goldberg that on behalf of Trek franchise boss Alex Kurtzman, formally invited the actress to return to the 24th Century.

STEWART: I’m here with a formal invitiation. It’s for you, Whoopi. Alex Kurtzman, who is the senior executive producer of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ — and all of his colleagues, of which I am one — want to invite you into the second season.

Please say yes!



JOY BEHAR (CO-HOST): You’ll have to tell her to get rid of that [white] hair though, right?

STEWART: She can do whatever the hell she wants!

GOLDBERG: This was one of the great experiences, from beginning to the end, you know? I had the best, best time, the best time ever.

STEWART: Well it was wonderful having you, and we cannot wait to have you with us again one more time.

Watch the clip below.


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