Meet the Amazing Artists Behind Mattel’s ‘She-Ra: Princess of Power’ Line

SHE-RA and the Princess of Power, is one of the best reboots I have ever seen. Not only is it incredibly well-written and beautifully animated, it also tackles real-world issues without dumbing them down for children—or beating them over their heads. Now, kids will get to act out their own She-Ra adventures with an all new line of dolls from Mattel—available exclusively in Target stores. 

The dolls are exquisitely crafted with several points of articulation that make them perfect for  Adventuring and saving the day. Carefully painted, and impeccably styled, the dolls are perfect replicas of their animated counter parts—right down to the weapons that help define each characters personality (and in most cases, their name).  At twelve inches in height, the She-Ra dolls are a perfect fit with other Mattel toys like Barbie and Monster High. With 11 joints for articulation (Bow has 13) the dolls are fully possible and ready for hours of imaginative action and adventure. 

The first wave of dolls, released will include Force Captain Adora™ (the soldier who defected from the Evil Horde to join the Princesses’ Rebellion), She-Ra™ (Adora’s super-hero Princess alter-ego), Glimmer™ (Adora’s best friend, and Princess of Bright Moon), Bow™ (the bravest most adorable archer in the universe – and best friend to Adora and Glimmer), and Catra™ (Adora’s former best friend, and a current Force Captain with the Horde). There is also a special two-pack that not only includes Battle Armor She-Ra but also her beautiful alicorn Swift Wind™. 

What I love about She-Ra is that it shows that a princess does not have to be in distress. In fact, she can be the hero. But, it also shows that boys can be a part of the princess alliance, not as the all-powerful hero or begotten fool, but as an equal. So, it’s fitting that Bow be included with the first wave of dolls. Adora and Glimmer couldn’t be the best friend squad without him.

The Target line join a special two-pack released exclusively for Comic-Con International (aka San Diego Comic-Con) featuring She-Ra and Shadow Weaver™ (a powerful sorceress scorned by Hordak, who seeks to control Adora). The set, along with the two She-Ra dolls from the Target line were designed by the amazing Darren Sander (@vitamin_d_81 on instagram), who is also a huge She-Ra fan. “Being a child of the 80s, and loving She-Ra as a kid,  it was a fantasy come true to be able to work on these dolls along side the uber talented Annalise,” Sander said. “It is mind blowing some days that I get to help introduce a whole new generation to a character who has meant so much to me over the years.”

Sander also designed the two She-Ra character dolls for the Target line. The other dolls in the series were designed by artist Annalise. “I so honored to help bring She-Ra to life again with my other design half Darren Sander for a new, and returning generation of fans!”

While the She-Ra/Shadow Weaver two-pack was originally an exclusive item available solely to San Diego Comic-Con attendees, you can find it on eBay.

The She-Ra and Swift Wind two-pack is in stores now and retail for $14.99. The perfect combination of toy and collectible, the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power line will likely be just as popular with adults as it will be with children. 

The full line will be available on Target shelves starting August 1st (though some stores have released them early).

Season 3 of Dreamworks’ She-Ra and the Princesses Of Power will begin streaming on Netflix on August 2nd.  The six new episodes will lead Adora into her most challenging battle yet.

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