Mayor Pete Spoke to Sold Out Crowd at WeHo’s Legendary Gay Club the Abbey Last Night: WATCH

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Last night, Democratic Presidential frontrunner Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten, addressed a standing room only crowd at West Hollywood’s legendary gay bar, The Abbey.

The event at the Abbey was part of a whirlwind 24-hour fundraising visit to Los Angeles for the South Bend, Indiana mayor.

TMZ reports: After leaving The Abbey Pete beelined it for¬†Gwyneth Paltrow’s digs, starting at $250 a pop. And earlier, he had another fundraiser where tickets started at $250 if you were under 37 — his age — but more if you were older. If you wanted a pic, it was another $2,800 and if you wanted a John Hancock you had to shell out a grand.

TMZ‘s photographer at the Abbey asked Mayor Pete about his two rescue dogs that he and husband Chasten brought along with them, on how it might reflect on him. “It’s an opening, right, to talk about compassion for the forgotten, but Pete kinda left it with the fact he and his husband,¬†Chasten, really dig dogs.”

Buttigieg told the folks who gathered at The Abbey, “to ignore skeptics who say change is impossible: Tell them you saw … a top tier presidential candidate on his way to the White House moments after his husband introduced him.”

Watch his address below.

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