Mayor Pete Interviewed Patrick Stewart in a Match Made in #GayNrd Heaven: WATCH

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Pete Buttigieg filled in for Jimmy Kimmel last night and interviewed Sir Patrick Stewart in a moment made in #GayNrd heaven. Buttigieg, a confessed Trekkie, was warmly greeted by the actor who is currently starring in the hit CBS All Access show Star Trek: Picard, a series that revisits the world we were introduced to nearly 30 years ago in  Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Buttigieg hosted the show in a nearly empty theater due to government and CDC regulations around the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) pandemic.

Among his credentials as a Trekkie that Buttigieg provided to Stewart, was photo evidence of him and his friends from Halloween 1985 dressed as the characters from Trek (see above).

Buttigieg tossed a few zingers in the opening monologue  about his presidential run, saying among other things he was 40 years too young and 38 years too gay to be president.

His fanboying over Sir Patrick Stewart — who revealed that he was a fan of Buttigieg’s, engendered sincere awe from the former presidential candidate and when Stewart presented him with a souvenir, a working script from his TNG days and autographed it — the act instantly became one of the #GayNrdiest moments in history.

LeVar Burton also hosted a Star Trek Trivia game with Buttigieg and Stewart as opponents.

Watch the interview below and the game afterwards.




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