Lil Nas X Wants His Fans To Learn How to Invest: WATCH

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You many have seen singer and songwriter Lil Nas X’s all-new intergalactic music video for his hit single, “ Panini ” starring Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. After amassing over 80 million views since its release, Lil Nas X has truly begun to demonstrate the power of his influence both in and outside of the music industry.  Recently he decided to collaborate with leading investment platform, Acorns to teach his highly diverse and multicultural fans how to save, spend, and invest their money.

While most investment apps allow their users to purchase shares of stock or bonds, Acorns takes investing a little further by offering users an automated investment portfolio, a retirement account, and the only debit card on the market that can save, invest, and earn for you.

This fall, Acorns partnered with Lil Nas X to encourage everyone to take the reins of their financial future. This includes teaching users how to diversify their portfolio, monitor their spending habits and so much more. Frankly, it’s never too early to learn how to invest so why not let Acorns teach you.

Gaynrd spoke to Acorns CEO Noah Kerner about the partnership.

Gaynrd: Why did you guys choose Lil Nas X? He’s someone who came from humble beginnings and has achieved great success. His narrative is similar to ours: from acorns mighty oaks do grow. Often, people who go from the 99% to the 1%, especially those who rise up quickly, want to support other people rising up. We’ve got a number of backers – from Ashton Kutcher to JLo to Kevin Durant – who want to help others grow toward a better future.

On a personal level, I started out DJ’ing as a kid and worked with a bunch of music artists so partnering with someone like Lil Nas X was a natural fit.

Most Americans don’t save or have any investments–what’s sound investment advice for someone that has never done it? I would say three things. First, one of the biggest myths is that you need a lot of money to invest. You don’t. You can invest as little as $5 a day or week with Acorns, for example. Second, invest early, often and always. Third, every market downturn in history has ended in an upturn. So stick with it even when it’s uncomfortable. I’ve found this last piece of advice applies to a lot of things in life.

How does the app make it easier to invest? All you need to do is link your bank account, debit and/or credit card, and answer a few questions. Then we automate your investing so you can save in the background of life. Everyone should have easy access to the tools of wealth-making.


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