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TRUMP Revealed the logo for Space Force and it’s just the Star Trek logo. VICE says,  “Donald Trump just tweeted out the logo for Space Force, a new branch of the United States military created to deal with threats in space. It is an obvious knock off of the logo for Starfleet, the space force of the United Federation of Planets, from the popular television show Star Trek.”

Side by side.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON MARS? Speaking of Starfleet…

MICAHEL CHABON Once a fan always a fan. NPR reports, “Chabon is known for unexpected career turns, and this latest project may be one of his greatest challenges yet. Patrick Stewart will return to play Jean-Luc Picard — a turn that “astonished” the longtime Star Trek actor.

“It was the one thing that I was convinced of; no more Star Trek, no more Jean-Luc Picard,” Stewart told reporters after a news conference in Pasadena. He last played the character in 2002, after 15 years starring in TV shows and movies featuring characters from the syndicated series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Listen below.

WHY THE CLEAN WATER ACT MATTERS SO MUCH Writer Alexander Chee wrote on Facebook, “The Trump administration is rolling back the Clean Water Act today. This is the act that has helped revive Lake Erie, which once used to be so polluted it caught fire. We know the science, is the thing. It’s not guesswork or hopeful thinking. And for this to happen the week we’ve discovered the catastrophic radioactive waste water released by fracking into communities means that much of the US, at a time when coastal communities are endangered by rising waters, now finds the freshwater sources endangered also. Water is the fight of the present and the future. Much depends on access to safe clean water.”


ART APPRECIATION Some Kylo Ren love by SP11sukiyaki  on Deviant Art.

THAT’S ALL FOLX Is a gender neutral version of the all inclusive word folks really necessary? Doesn’t matter, it’s what the kids are saying, get with it grandpa. Urban Dictionary says that folx is, “an alternate spelling of the noun “folks,” first used in 2001 and popularized by tumblr in 2016. Mainstream and academic use is growing after adoption of the term by LGBTQ+ people, especially LGBTQ+ persons of color. Use of the “X” emphasizes the existence of binary gender systems (especially in indigenous communities) and suggests support of and solidarity with people who are oppressed and/or marginalized.”

VEGAS RESIDENCY for The Jonas Brothers? Yep!

OLYMPIC hopeful Jack Wooley says some opponents refused to shake his hand after coming out as bi.

While speaking to, the athlete has opened up about facing discrimination from fellow athletes, claiming some won’t shake his hand. He said: “It is tough, my sport. A lot of the top athletes would be Muslim, so you can’t be too open about it. I have had some opponents who wouldn’t shake my hand and I’m just thinking, ‘You need to cop on’. Some have, though. One of the top fighters in the world came up to shake my hand after I won the European silver. I appreciated that.”

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TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES QUALIFIED 🇮🇪✅. . Today I have made history in becoming the first ever Irish Taekwondo Athlete to qualify for an Olympic Games! Blood, sweat, tears, highs, lows and many sacrifices have lead to this moment and I am extremely grateful and proud. . (If I mention everyone this would be an even longer post than it already is) I’d like to thank my friends, family and team mates for their constant love and support since I first started my taekwondo career! To @sportireland , @team_ireland_olympic and @irishtaekwondounion for their great service to me and Taekwondo as a whole in Ireland. . . But most importantly I’d like to thank my coach @robert.d.taaffe , who has not only travelled the world with me to get those ranking points but has made extreme sacrifices in his day to day life in order to get us both on that plane to Tokyo! As every player and coach in sport does, we have had really good times and some not so good ones, but we pushed through, worked as a team and have turned our Olympic dream into a reality! . . Now it’s time to rest and enjoy Christmas with my friends and family. 2020 will be time to work even harder so I’m not just the first Irish athlete to qualify for Ireland but to be the country’s first Taekwondo medalist! 💪🏽🥇. . #wt #worldtaekwondo #ireland #olympics #qualification #tokyo #2020 #proud #irl #mma #wtf

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HIV Why do some men with HIV mistakenly believe they’re not contagious? Reuters reports, “Most men with HIV know whether they have enough of the virus in their blood to make them contagious, but a new study suggests one in five may mistakenly think they can’t spread the virus even when they can. For the study, researchers examined survey data from 314 HIV-positive men who have sex with men and were in relationships with HIV-negative partners. Participants got blood tests to see if they had undetectable viral levels: so little virus in their blood that it can’t be found in lab tests or transmitted to partners.

When asked, 72.5% of men accurately reported whether they were virally suppressed, with HIV at undetectable levels, or not. Most men who knew their status, 62.5% of the participants, said they were virally suppressed and this was confirmed by blood tests done as part of the study. Another 10% of men had lab work confirming their self-report that they were not virally suppressed, and were therefore contagious.

But one in five men said they were virally suppressed and had blood tests showing this wasn’t true. Another 7.5% of men said they were contagious, but based on lab tests done during the study, they were not.

These results suggest some HIV-positive men may not fully understand the public health message that “undetectable equals untransmittable,” or U=U, said lead study author Rob Stephenson of the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

“U=U is a major advance in prevention science,” Stephenson said by email. “We know it works – virally suppressed men will not transmit HIV – but for U=U to work requires men to (know) whether they are virally suppressed.”

CAPTAIN MARVEL 2 should introduce Rogue & Mystique to the MCU. CBR says, “The newly announced Captain Marvel 2 is expected to continue Carol Danvers’ adventures following the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Many expect the film to entangle Carol once again with the Kree or some extra-terrestrial threat, but there’s a possibility that Captain Marvel 2 will explore one of the hero’s most iconic stories from the ’80s, one that involves the X-Men Rogue. During the ’80s, Carol, then Ms. Marvel, was written by Chris Claremont, most famous for his run on The Uncanny X-Men. During his tenure, Claremont introduced two characters who he’d later bring into his run on X-Men: Mystique and Rogue. In order to weave his multiple characters together, Mystique went from being a Ms. Marvel adversary to an X-Men one, but not before Rogue did something that would forever alter both her and Carol’s characters: she absorbed Carol’s powers.”


THE BATMAN What do you want to see in the highly anticipated movie?

With some stills released.

Boba Talks says, “As we get further into the production of The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson, I talk about what I want to see from the movie. The Batman movie has tapped The Penguin in Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth!. So far in the casting process it’s Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, James Gordon/Commissioner Gordon as Jeffery Wright and Pau Dano as The Riddler. The Batman  also will reportedly feature Firefly alongside Pattinson’s Batman. Also potentially includes The Mad Hatter, and Harvey Dent/Two Face.

GUS KENWORTHY teamed with a disabled teen to win a Special Olympics event at the X Games.

#FBF George Perez’ original sketch from the Marvel/DC Avengers/Justice League crossover.

MEME OF THE DAY It’s catchy!

UNDEROOS are still fun to wear!

Watch this weird review of underoos by the underwear guy from 2015.

MEN dot com’s first Tom of Finland movie starring Matthew Camp is out.

PARTING SHOT Ouch! But where’s the lie?

FRIDAY FUN with Geoffry.

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Less nudes more dudes. Sorry insta.

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