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PHOTO OF THE DAY Gaymers by Xevi.

TARON EGERTON attended the Giorgio Armani fashion show during Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/2021 in Milan, Italy January 13, 2020.

SURF’S UP San Onofre beach in Southern California is a Mecca for surfers and the hometown of the photographer who chronicled it all from the beginning: LeRoy Grannis. Check out one of his vintage photos below.

AFTER BEING interrupted by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, @PeteButtigieg said we owe each other respect even if we don’t see things the same way. He added, “You’ll never see me describe a political opponent as an enemy of the people.”

LEGENDARY Tastemaker, writer, editor, and fashion impresario Emil Wilbekin sent an inspiring dispatch from Cape Town, South Africa on Instagram, “I’m a believer in the power of knowledge and the ferocity of beauty, so from my point of view, your life is already artful—waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art.”

SUPERSTAR Comic-Book writer Steve Orlando has been working out. “Let me just #plagiarize @odinsonofasgard’s feed for one second before I check out for the night.”

Check out Orlando’s superlative Wonder Woman run that began in December.


GREEK GRAFFITI in Stockholm, Sweden’s underground? Yup!


FACEBOOK won’t stop running political ads that are laden with lies says The New York Times. “In the absence of regulation, Facebook and other companies are left to design their own policies,” Rob Leathern, Facebook’s director of product management overseeing the advertising integrity division, said in the post. “We have based ours on the principle that people should be able to hear from those who wish to lead them, warts and all, and that what they say should be scrutinized and debated in public.”

Other social media companies have decided otherwise, and some had hoped Facebook would quietly follow their lead. In late October, Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey, banned all political advertising from his network, citing the challenges that novel digital systems present to civic discourse. Google quickly followed suit with limits on political ads across some of its properties, though narrower in scope.

CORY BOOKER DROPPED OUT of the presidential race today, prompting comedian Terrence K. Williams to ponder, “Another One Bites the Dust The man known as bathroom booker and Spartacus dropped out the Presidential Race. I FORGOT HE WAS WAS IN THE RACE Not only I did I forget that I forgot he even existed WHO ELSE FORGOT OR AM I ALONE?” #ByeByeBooker

MEANWHILE Pete Buttigieg looks unstoppable. Mitch Gayns notes, “Idk what other candidates have motherfuckers making pilgrimages across the country.”

THE REDEMPTION OF Kylo Ren reverberates, “Everyone knows about my grandfather Darth Vader but did you know I had an equally cool grandfather named Anakin Skywalker?”

IRAN’S ONLY FEMALE OLYMPIC MEDALIST has defected. Kimia Alizadeh, has reportedly defected from the Islamic Republic, according to a letter she published on her Instagram account on Saturday.

The letter was published in Persian and is accompanied by a black and white image of her from the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

THE WORLD DEBT surged by some $9 trillion in the first three quarters of 2019, according to data from the Institute of International Finance, bringing the world’s total debt load to $253 trillion, or 322% of its GDP — a record high according to Axios.

HOBART COLLEGE In 2011, students led by Weston Traub ’13 (center) took the polar plunge in Seneca Lake as part of a fundraiser coordinated by Hope House to support cancer research. Kevin Colton captured this photograph while wearing waders. What we didn’t say in the caption is that the waders had a leak. Kevin got a little soggy that day.

DID TRUMP TWEET A PIC OF A DEAD BODY? Donald Trump has posted an image of an apparently dead body on his Twitter feed amid a wild stream of messages in support of his policy on Iran. The image showed a bloodied male figure draped over a barbed wire fence. Mr Trump retweeted a number of posts denouncing Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the US House. She has criticised his decision to unilaterally order the killing of Qassem Soleimani, Tehran’s top general – and also approved a successful vote on articles of impeachment against him. The US president also promoted a tweet that claimed Ms Pelosi “supports a regime that kills its people”.

Mr Trump further retweeted an image that showed Ms Pelosi alongside Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, mocked up in a burkha and turban with an Iranian flag in the background. On Sunday, Mr Trump urged Iran’s leaders not to used violence against protesters. “The World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching,” he said.

MORBIUS One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.

DOG RUN Let Mikey Pup inspire you to get back to the gym. We can’t imagine how you top perfection but we support all his endeavors. “Alright 2020 this year I wanna hit the gym hard and get in great shape! Let’s get it!!”

HOW TO KISS *TUTORIAL* Today @ItsJustNick’s long distance gay couple boyfriend and I show you how to makeout with tongue, how to French kiss a kissing tutorial and tips. How to first kiss. We’re kinda relationship cute couple goals 2019.

YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN Humpback style.

WE LIKE “Me Gusta” the new song from Shakira.


SILENCE OF THE LAMBS‘ Spinoff Clarice is a Go at CBS. The potential series takes place in 1993, a year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs. Clarice is described as a deep dive into the untold personal story of Clarice Starling — the role made famous by Jodie Foster in the 1991 feature — as she returns to the field to pursue serial murderers and sexual predators while navigating the high-stakes political world of Washington. An actress for the role has not been announced.

“After more than 20 years of silence, we’re privileged to give voice to one of America’s most enduring heroes — Clarice Starling,” Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet said in a joint statement announcing the news. “Clarice’s bravery and complexity have always lit the way, even as her personal story remained in the dark. But hers is the very story we need today: her struggle, her resilience, her victory. Her time is now, and always.”

MAKE IT SO Star Trek Picard hasn’t even aired yet and has already been greenlit for a second season. Says The Hollywood Reporter, “Ahead of its Jan. 23 series debut, CBS All Access announced Sunday during its time at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that it has officially renewed the Patrick Stewart-led drama for season two. The energy and excitement around the premiere of Star Trek: Picard has reached a magnitude greater than all of us at CBS All Access could have hoped for,” said Julie McNamara, executive VP originals at CBS All Access. “We’re thrilled to announce plans for a second season before the series’ debut, and we are confident that Star Trek fans and new viewers alike will be captured by the stellar cast and creative team’s meticulously crafted story when it premieres on Jan. 23.”

Additionally, 12 Monkeys alum Terry Matalas has boarded Picard as an executive producer and has also signed an overall deal with CBS TV Studios. Sources note that the studio pulled him off of its MacGyver reboot at CBS to join Picard, which is a high priority for the studio. Matalas, sources say, will take over as showrunner in season two and help fill the void created by Michael Chabon’s planned departure. A release announcing the renewal referred to Matalas only as exec producer, though sources say he is the likely eventual showrunner.

Chabon and his wife, author Ayelet Waldman, inked an overall deal with Picard producers CBS TV Studios and are adapting the former’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay as a limited series for corporate sibling Showtime. As part of that deal, Chabon will transition to the new series and exit Picard this year. Production on season one of Picard has been completed, and a writers room for seasons two and three — which will be filmed back to back in a bid to control costs and everyone’s production schedules — has been up and running for some time now.
FARGO Installment 4 just dropped its new trailer featuring Chris Rock. Family is complicated. Crime is organized. Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for Fargo installment four. Premieres April 19 on FX & FX on Hulu.
MANSTYLE MONDAY is masterfully executed by model David Terzian.


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