Dominic Albano’s Climb To the Top: PHOTOS

Dominic Adriano Albano is an American model and actor, who was scouted in 2016 in upstate New York while working as a personal trainer. Dominic went on to start his career in New York City as a model, shooting for commercial brands like Everlast, catalog jobs, various underwear and swimwear brands and several editorials for different magazines.

Albano started to make a transition into acting by starring in a short film, Mason, in 2017. Since, he has been working with an acting coach in New York and has other independent films coming up as well.

Albano started as a personal trainer in Albany, NY, “I hated working in the gym, you know…lots of machoism. I started doing eBooks and videos and I built up clients. The plan was to eventually become dependent on that and leave the training clients. Then I got scouted and moved to New York.”

Albano has battled with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. “Oh, yeah… I had eating disorders… it’s how I got into fitness. I think really it’s about attention or control and self pity… like… look at me, I have everything and I’m struggling with this self inflicted thing. Feel sorry for me. I was hospitalized. It really changed my life. I ended up as a trainer and now a model.”

Albano says that he thinks the only reason he got into modeling to begin with is because of his body. “I don’t think I’m terribly attractive or good looking in clothes. In all my photos I’m half naked or naked; that’s what got me attention in the business. You keep doing what works. The man who discovered me said he noticed my face first—he said I have the face of a silent movie star—very expressive. That’s what he liked.”

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