Cardi B on the Coronavirus: ‘It’s Getting Real Y’all’—WATCH

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Cardi B is scared about COVID-19 aka the Coronavurus and made that clear in two PSAs she posted to Instagram.

In the two expletive-laced videos, Cardi had no problem breaking down her fears regarding the world’s latest issue. “I don’t know what this f—k this Coronavirus is about. I don’t know understand how this s–t was from Wuhan, China, now all of a sudden this s–t is on motherf–king tour,” she said.  “I ain’t gonna front — a b–ch is scared,” Cardi later added. “S–t got me panicking, and a lot of you motherf–kers think it’s a joke.”

In the second video, Cardi lambasted the government and claimed they were responsible for the virus due to the stock market’s low numbers.”Government, government, government,” she began in the minute-long diatribe. “You wanna know something? I know s–t getting real. Once the stock market starts going low, that’s how I know s–t getting real ’cause ain’t nothing more than white corporate America hates the most than losing motherf–king money.”

“Is this Coronavirus going to be a couple of weeks type of s–t or a couple of months type of s–t,” continued Cardi. “Let me know so I can start motherf–king racking up on foods and Monclers so a b—-h can move to motherf–king Antarctica.”

Check out Cardi’s PSAs below.




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