‘Years and Years’ Creator Talks About the Season Finale: WATCH

CAUTION! Spoilers ahead.

Creator Russle T Davies in an exclusive interview with Deadline said, “The point is you don’t need a revolution for a Viv Rook to take over,” he says of the populist uprising on the HBO dystopian family drama of the near future that literally and digitally ended tonight. “In fact, you almost never have a revolution,” the now Emmy nominated A Very English Scandals cribe adds. “You don’t have the military storming the gates. You don’t have rioting in the streets. These people creep up on us very, very slowly, and yet with increasing speed suddenly.”

Having played very close to the realities of our times, MBE Davies took viewers on both sides of the Atlantic on a wild ride culturally, politically and technologically through the next decade and a half with Years And Years. When it played over in the UK earlier this year, the 2029 set last episode took some by surprise and even shock as the dense show seemed to shift gears and tone towards science fiction out of hardened drama.

Already well on the way to his next project, Queer As Folk creator Davies spoke with me about that reaction to the end of Years And Years, the rise of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, and the looming catastrophe of Brexit. Touching on those Emmy nominations for the Hugh Grant starring AVES, Davies also divulged the future of the Thompson, Hynes, Madeley, Rory Kinnear, T’Nia Miller, Russell Tovey, and Anne Reid-led series and the inspiration behind a certain speech by a certain grandmother that has gone viral in the real world.
DEADLINE: Now it’s over, did the real Viv Rook go to jail or is Edith in digital pursuit?
DAVIES: Will we ever know? What’s the truth these days? That’s the whole point to that ending, what’s true, what’s false? Can we believe in anything?
We’re being given these fake videos with fake videos, fake people, fake news. I have no idea. At some point, I just stop owning these material and step back and say it’s yours. Make your own mind up. I like to think she was pursued to the grave by Edith Lyons. I think that’s a much nicer fate for her. Part of the reason I think that was actually going to jail simply wasn’t enough for these modern bastard demagogues.


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