‘Wonder Woman 1984’ May Skip Theaters and Debut Digitally Due to Coronavirus

Will Wonder Woman 1984 premiere digitally first? Executives at Warner Bros are debating  whether Wonder Woman 1984 should skip theaters for streaming according to The Wrap.

With movie theaters closed across the globe for an indefinite period of time, Warner Bros. is discussing whether to take its upcoming DC Comics tentpole Wonder Woman 1984 directly to streaming and bypass theaters altogether, two knowledgeable individuals told The Wrap.

According to the Warner insiders, the preference is still to release the movie theatrically — but executives are considering a streaming alternative, probably as a direct-to-consumer offering rather than as part of Warner’s soon-to-launch subscription service HBO Max. The concern, the insiders said, is that there is no known date for movie theaters to reopen and there may be a shortage of favorable dates once theaters do come back online for the many films that have been postponed. “Wonder Woman 1984” is still officially slated for wide release on June 4.

Watch the trailer again below.

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