‘Titans’ has Cast its Roy Harper and it’s Colton Haynes

Roy Harper, as Arsenal, will be joining the cast of DCU’s Titans in its upcoming hird season.

Earlier this month, entertainment insider Emre Kaya  tweeted that  that the DC Universe has cast an actor to portray Roy Harper in the third season of their streaming service’s flagship series.

Colton Haynes confirmed via Instagram Monday that it is indeed him.

This would’ve seemed unlikely last fall when they hinted at his imminent appearance on the series when Donna Troy called  an olde friend for help at the end of season 2 before the appearance of Nightwing.

With the conclusion of The CWs’ massive multi-series DC series crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, the “Arrowverse” is no more and all DC TV and cinematic universe tales now take place on Earth Prime, which was made clear by the appearance of Justice League’s Barry Allen/Flash played by Ezra Miller and his meeting  with The CW’s Flash played by Grant Gustin.

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It’s an exciting development for a thus far lackluster show that also didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the live-action DC Universe.




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