The Florida Serial Killer of Six Gay Men Will be Executed

SERIAL KILLER Gary Ray Bowles was by most accounts a hustler, whose masculine demeanor and looks made him attractive trade, who would then steal what money and credit cards he could after brutally murdering his victims.

Bowles, nicknamed the I-95 killer, murdered six men from Daytona Beach to Maryland in 1994. His first victim was in Daytona, John Hardy Roberts, who had invited the young handsome stranger into his home. That stranger attacked him with a lamp, choked him, gagged him with a towel and left him for dead.

According to the Gainesville Times, “Bowles started his eight-month murderous binge in Daytona Beach by killing  Roberts on March 14, 1994, inside the victim’s beachside home and now he is set to be the 99th death row inmate executed in Florida in modern times.”

The killing spree began in Daytona Beach.

Eventually, in 1994, six men were savagely beaten and choked. One was bludgeoned with a discarded toilet.

Each man fought for his life, but lost.

In every case, the victims had something crammed down their throats — a towel, wads of toilet paper, a fistful of dirt.

On Thursday, their killer, Gary Ray Bowles, is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection

After years of prostituting himself to gay men, it seems he convinced himself they deserved to die for being gay.

Tom Youngman, a retired homicide and crime scene investigator with the Daytona Beach Police Department, was one of a battery of investigators who interviewed Bowles following his arrest said the Gainesville. He asked Bowles why he chose gay men as his murder victims.

“He said they only perform an act on him and he never did (to) them,” Youngman said last week. “I said, ‘Well, that’s homosexuality,’ and he says, ‘No.’

Boyle fell in love with a  woman in Daytona who left him.”She left him,” according to news reports, “after she learned how he made money with gay men. Bowles later told police she also had an abortion of his child without telling him.”

That, he told authorities, was what led him to hate homosexuals. He blamed them for killing his unborn child.

Tuesday’s Supreme Court opinion gave a brief description of the grisly murder of Hinton: “Bowles confessed and pleaded guilty to the 1994 murder of Walter Hinton, who had allowed Bowles to move into his home in exchange for Bowles’ help in moving personal items. Specifically, Bowles dropped a concrete block on Hinton’s head while Hinton was sleeping, then manually strangled a conscious Hinton, and subsequently ‘stuffed toilet paper into Hinton’s throat and placed a rag into his mouth,’ ” the opinion said, partially quoting an earlier court ruling.

Via Gainesville Times, USA Today, and NBC News.

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