Spotted Risk Insurance Will Indemnify You Sending Someone a Dick Pic

POOR ANTHONY WIENER. If this had been around a few years ago, he wouldn’t have done time.

According to Vulture:

Celebrity scandal is as old as the tabloids, but the type of protection Spotted will offer was hardly used even a decade ago. Under the studio system, the financiers were in control — their stars’ transgressions easier to cover up, their contracts easier to tear up. True outrages like the Fatty Arbuckle case were relatively rare, and when they happened, the machine smoothed things over and rolled on. But today’s stars are the machine, commanding millions in endorsement deals and the lion’s share of indie-film budgets and carrying billions in market value on the backs of their reputations.

Those reputations, meanwhile, are increasingly fragile. Ubiquitous video and social media, supercharged by #MeToo, have led to a proliferation of high-profile disasters — Miramax’s implosion, Kevin Spacey’s erasureRoseanne without Roseanne — leading producers and brands to look for new ways to mitigate the risks of reputational collapse. Studios have hired risk managers, dug deep into stars’ backgrounds in search of red flags, and added “morals clauses” to contracts. They’ve also been asking around about insurance.

If SpottedRisk’s product takes off, it will join a small but growing industry of disgrace insurers. Like other new types of insurance (terrorism, cyberattack, active shooter), Spotted’s disgrace innovation reflects what we fear most in the 21st century. In this case, it’s the persistent, growing dread that a career-ruining fall from grace is always just a click away.


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