Rush Limbaugh Wants to Know How Parents Will Explain Pete Buttigieg Kissing His Husband to their Kids

Newly minted Medal of Honor award recipient and right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh wondered aloud yesterday about how parents would explain presidential Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband, Chasten, to their kids.

Limbaugh said: “Okay. So I saw a political ad where Mayor Pete, Mayor Pete Buttigieg was going on and on and on and on and on about how parents in America are struggling to explain President Trump to their children. And then I happened to see this. Now, what are you shaking your head at in there? I mean, natural conclusion. So, he says Trump causes problems for parents. What about that? If you’re not watching on the Dittocam, what it is, a picture of Mayor Pete kissing his husband, which he does frequently.”

You can listen to the clip here.


Photo above: Pete and Chasten Buttigieg. Credit: Buttigieg’s FB page.


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