Remember the Gay Pimp? WATCH: Soccer Practice #FlashBackFriday

Johnny McGovern, aka the Gay Pimp was the phenom of 2003, with his video “Soccer Practice” that took place in a locker room and jockstraps were the only thing you’re allowed to wear. The song was over the top and completely gratuitous. The lyrics were as explicit as possible without cursing, but the best thing is that it was thrilling and liberating at the time. McGovern was saying getting off, having gay sex, liking guys in their jockstraps was Ok. There’s no shame in it.

Maybe it’s because it was 2003, it seems tame now. But at the time I loved it. I still do. It was pretty racy for the times and it was one of the first things that I watched repeatedly on the the internet. But the real reason I loved it was there was no shame in it. It was hot.


Hey dude
Hey dude I was thinking we could go do
something dirty
Hey dude I was thinking we could go do
something dirty
Uh I don’t know dude
I like to do manly things
You know just manly guys
Do manly things
You know what I mean?
I like to do manly things
I like baby to do them with you
I was thinking we could go do
Something dirty

Dirty? Well like what?
Sorta like soccer practice
With the water polo team
Do some track and field
On the football green
Go to the locker room
Do some weight training
It would be real hot #Lyrics

In an interview with The Advocate magazine in 2009, McGovern said of Soccer practice:

“There’s always been a group of people who liked what I did, but “Soccer Practice” kinda hit across the board. The
people that I reached on that level — straight girls, straight
nerds, whoever — they all would come along with me. I think
more people understand what I’m talking about now, due to
the Tyra-ization of gay culture. Or
RuPaul’s Drag Race.

A lot of references to runway battles and drag things that gay
people have known about from their club life are certainly
becoming more mainstream and easier for people to understand.
All our gay subculture secrets are now being fully used on
mainstream TV shows, but that’s good so people can understand
you. But I always think,
Tyra, you stole my joke!

McGovern stated that he was inspired to create his signature comedic character, The Gay Pimp, after listening to rap songs and interviews by Eminem. McGovern said, “After the songs from the show began to get heavy rotation in New York City nightclubs, McGovern was approached about making a music video for one of his songs, Soccer Practice. The video for Soccer Practice, which received heavy rotation in dance clubs as well as notoriety on the Internet, featured McGovern in a shirt that was emblazoned with the sequined words ‘Gay Pimp.'”

The success of the single garnered attention for McGovern, and he contributed commentary on a variety of VH1 shows (such as Best Week EverTotally Gay, and 40 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes) as well as earned a slot on Comedy Central’s all-gay comedy show Out on the Edge, hosted by Alan Cumming.

McGovern also became a year-long correspondent for The Ricki Lake Show. A second single, Lookin’ Cute/Feelin’ Cute, continued to endear him to his largest fan base of gay teenagers, despite missing the heavy exposure of Soccer Practice.

McGovern hosts his own YouTube show on StreamTV titled Hey Qween! with drag queen Lady Red Couture, where he interviews various icons of the LGBT community. Recently, the show was added on Netflix as an international distribution. “Look At Huh!”, an aftershow where guests of “Hey Qween!” play games and discuss various LGBT issues was also added internationally to Netflix.

Reminisce with us to a simpler time. When all we had to worry about was making soccer practice.

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