‘Recycling Doesn’t Make You Gay,’ Stephen Colbert to Str8 Guys: WATCH

SO, APPARENTLY some men view environmentalism as “feminine” and avoid certain behaviors in an effort to not look gay.

According to Vice, “When people talk about “toxic masculinity” they generally don’t mean it in a literal sense. Generally, what they mean is that some men are “toxic” insofar as they conform to traditional ideals of masculinity in a way that’s harmful to society, rather than a way that’s detrimental to the physical environment.”

But for some men, both definitions apply. That’s according to a new study out of America’s Penn State University—titled Gender Bending and Gender Conformity: The Social Consequences of Engaging in Feminine and Masculine Pro-Environmental Behaviours—which found that men can be unwilling to perform environmentally friendly tasks such as recycling, using reusable bags, or turning off the air conditioner, if they perceive these behaviours to be “gendered”. The fear seemed to be that if men were to engage in these allegedly gender nonconforming tasks, other people might think they’re gay.

Well last night, on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert addressed the study, saying, ““The study polled participants about hypothetical scenarios and found that certain eco-friendly activities like recycling and carrying groceries in a tote bag instead of a plastic one were seen as un-manly.”

“Really?” asked Colbert. “Really, men? Is there no limit to straight male fragility? … Besides who said gay people suddenly have a reputation for being environmentally conscious? Have you seen the aftermath of a Gay Pride parade?”

“This isn’t just toxic masculinity, this is literally toxic,” said Colbert. “And as a ruggedly heterosexual male, I feel responsibility to convince my fellow hairy-chested man men that caring for the earth is butch as hell.”

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