Owner of L.A.’s Famous Langer’s Deli Says he Objects to P.D.A. not Gays

Say it ain’t so.

Los Angeles’ Langer’s Deli, maker of the famous #19 pastrami reuben sandwich, is facing a boycott from LGBT customers after a lesbian couple who were kissing in the restaurant were asked to leave.

“Norm Langer says he doesn’t have a problem with gay couples at his Los Angeles deli, but he does have a problem with customers — of any sexual orientation — making out in his dining room.”

Langer, whose father opened the legendary deli in the 1940s, spoke with The Los Angeles Times on Thursday morning, a day after a woman said on Twitter that her friend had been asked to pay and leave after kissing another woman in the restaurant: “The owner said they weren’t respecting that other customers ‘don’t understand,’ ” April Wolfe wrote on the social media platform. “It’s disappointing.”

LA Eater reports:

A woman named Rachel Curry is calling for a boycott against iconic restaurant Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles. In a social media post, Curry detailed a negative experience that she had on Saturday, June 8, saying the incident began after she and a woman kissed at the restaurant. Curry claims that Norm Langer, the owner, approached the table and immediately notified them of the restaurant’s PDA (public display of affection) policy. But according to Curry, Langer also said “He can’t have this in his restaurant because some of the customers don’t understand.” 

On Curry’s post, another user by the name of @duhnay — who claims to be a Langer’s employee — made a lengthy, unsanctioned statement in the comments. Duhnay identifies as a gay woman and wrote, “Gay or straight excessive PDA is never appropriate and Langer’s is a family restaurant.” Duhnay continued by writing “Norm Langer meant no harm. You are not the only couple that has been reprimanded for PDA in the restaurant.”

Curry then told Langer that she lived in the neighborhood and used to like the restaurant, but would not be returning. According to Curry, Langer responded by describing her as selfish, and allegedly stood over the table while she and her dining companion paid and left the restaurant. Curry initially posted her Instagram post yesterday evening, but set her Instagram account to private so that only approved followers could see her profile.

L.A. Eater

“The whole thing is absurd,” Langer told The Times. “The two ladies came in around 11:30, they were sitting next to each other and throughout the meal they started snuggling and making out. I walked over to the table and said, ‘Hi, I’m Norm Langer. I’m glad you’re here, but it’s not really a place to make out.”

“They said are you against the LGBTQ community, and I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ ”

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