Orland Bloom Tells Howard Stern it’s ‘Not that Big’ — WATCH

Orlando Bloom spoke to Howard Stern this week about the infamous 2016 photos (Not w–k safe) which showed him full-frontal on a paddle board with Katy Perry.

Bloom insisted his intact (i.e. uncircumcised) member is not as big as it appears.

“It is really not that big. Things are expanded on cameras with a big optical lens. It is an optical illusion. The publicist called to say, ‘That is not the worst of it. First of all there were pictures with a block over it’. And you make some jokes like, ‘Have you got a black box big enough to cover it’. And then suddenly you realize that somebody is going to uncover the black box because they’re going to get paid enough money,” Bloom told Stern.



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