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“Everyday is a chance to start anew.” DeMarco Majors

Majors is a personal and life coach. His life’s been far from perfect. He’s had twists and turns that began when in his senior year in college, he got the opportunity to play ball professionally — in Argentina. He jumped at the chance and eventually played in Australia, Brazil, and in Hawaii (in the American Basketball Association). He came out along the way, becoming one of a few publicly out gay pro basketball players in the world, and garnering a spot on the 2007 Out 100 list.

He’s since become a model and actor, starring first in the Logo reality show Shirts & Skins (about the all-gay basketball team The Rock Dogs), then in the stage adaptation of James Earl Hardy’s bestselling novel B-Boy Blues, directed by Stanley Bennett Clay. He was also the male lead in Beyoncé’s “Freakum Dress” video and had guest spots on Law & Order and Blue Bloods. Most recently, he wrote, directed, and stars in the forthcoming film, 7.

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Often times life protects you from the ok for the moment to groom u for the amazing gift that life has waiting for you. In most cases we want the now but if we are truly patient (meaning not just letting time pass but understanding time doesn’t equal patience) in your heart.  Life’s curve ball is a blessing we forgot we asked for because we stayed in the moment. #dothework#stayfocused#motivationalquotes#mantra#inspirationalquotes#fitness#focus#morningmotivation#absworkout#chestworkout muscle #transformation

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DeMarco Majors is an ex pro-basketball player, actor, model and TV host. During the course of his remarkable athletic career, Majors played for teams in Australia, Brazil, Argentina and the American Basketball Association. As the only pro- basketball player to ever come out before retirement, Majors broke ground in dealing openly with prejudice and homophobia in the world of professional sports. Because of his personal experience, he is now a spokesman for gay athletes, and in 2008 he was named one of OUT Magazine’s top 100 most influential gay men and women and in 2017 he was featured as one of the most influential LGBT people in The Advocate‘s 50th Anniversary issue.

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