Horrific Details Including Cannibalism Emerge from the Christmas Eve Grindr Murder in Michigan: WATCH

It was New Year’s Eve when the famous actor Kevin Bacon brought the horrific murder of 25 year-old Flint, Michigan based hairstylist Kevin Bacon’s to light, by a man he met on Grindr. Now, new details have been uncovered that make the killing all the more appalling, including cannibalism.

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According to FOX2 Detroit, “Court documents reveal disturbing details about how Kevin died. Police said he was found naked, hanging upside down from the ceiling of the home. The man that Bacon met, Mark Latunksi later admitted to police that he stabbed Bacon, slit his throat, and then hung him with a rope from the rafters. He also said he cut off a portion of his genitalia and ate it, the documents say. It appears Kevin knew that Latunksi was involved in a violent sexual fetish.”

“Evil does exist and it touched us,” Karl Bacon, the victim’s father said.

Read the full story here.


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