Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham Finally Settle Divorce

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham have reached a divorce settlement, according to People magazine “Neither Party shall discuss‚ pubiish or post, or cause to be discussed published or posted, directly or indirectly, any private information pertaining to the other Party, the Parties’ relationship, or this dissolution action on any media, including without Iimitation, the internet (including, but not Iimited to, social media applications, Websites, blogs, news periodicals, etc.) or in other media in any manner. Neither Party shall authorize, Iicense or create (in whole or in part) a book, article, movie, or television production based upon, or which includes a character based upon, the other Party without the written consent of the other Party, or use the other Party’s name for any publicity related purpose.”

Last year Towleroad reported: “Colton Haynes has filed for divorce from Beverly Hills florist to the stars Jeff Leatham after 6 months of marriage. The papers were filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles, TMZ reports. Late this week it was reported that Haynes had split from Leatham after Haynes erased photos of the couple from his Instagram page. Haynes also released a new song called “Man It Sucks” which tells the story of a broken relationship.”

Haynes was back on The CW’s Arrow Tuesday night for its Season 8 premiere.



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