Elusive Great White Shark ‘Deep Blue’ Caught Chomping on a Sperm Whale Carcass Near Hawaii: WATCH

Fresh footage of the great white shark called Deep Blue, was captured by NatGeo and it’s crazy.

Deep Blue is one of the largest great whit sharks ever caught and tagged at over 20 feet.

National Geographic is in the middle of its two-week Sharkfest (not to be confused with Discovery’s Shark Week), and they’re going all in on the ocean’s greatest predators.

A Tweet by James Life put it best: “20 feet 2.5 tons
and a pure apex predator ….#AlwaysBeShark @Deep_Blue_Shark

NatGeo reported: Kimberly Jeffries spotted the dead sperm whale from nearly half a mile away—a white mass the size of a bus bobbing in the calm early-morning waters.

Jeffries, a Hawaii-based nature and wildlife photographer, had arrived at this spot a couple of miles southwest of Waikiki hoping to catch a glimpse of predators drawn to the floating cetacean feast. Mere moments after she jumped in, something tens of feet below caught her eye: a massive great white shark wending her way up from the deep.

Stretching some 20 feet from tip to tail, it was the famous Deep Blue, one of the largest great white sharks ever caught on film. (Most female great whites average around 15 to 16 feet.) Over three days, Jeffries and her colleagues documented the extraordinary spectacle—while maintaining a respectful distance—as two more mature female white sharks came to chow down on the sperm whale carcass.

Deep Blue—identified by the crenulations between her grey back side and white belly—was last spotted in 2013, off the western coast of Mexico‘s Baja California, near Guadalupe Island. This region is a gathering place for sharks, one of several zones thought to be mating grounds for Pacific great whites, explains Nicole Nasby Lucas, a biologist at the Marine Conservation Science Institute who studies Guadalupe’s white sharks and was first given a picture of Deep Blue in 1999.

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