Dale Peck Is A Piece of S*** & His ‘Satire’ of Pete Buttigieg Is Tantamount to a Hate Crime

Dale Peck photographed by Gerry Visco

The writer’s unhinged Op-Ed in The New Republic wasn’t only the most offensive thing I’ve read in years, but is tantamount to a hate crime.

When CNN media reporter Brian Stelter reached out to TNR for comment about the piece and the deluge of angry responses to it, the magazine’s editor, Chris Lehmann, tried to excuse the post’s incendiary tone by saying it “was largely intended as satire.”

And there’s this:

And I’m not buying the satire argument. Does this sound like satire?

And on top of everything else Mary it’s a terrible piece of writing.

After his comment to Stelter, Lehmann offered no further comment on the future fate of Peck’s essay, it was eventually deleted, however, with the same “inappropriate and invasive” language included in the Editor’s Note.

’nuff said.

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