Comedian Ron Funches Says Ten Year-Olds Are Inherently A**holes in Hysterical Set: WATCH

Comedian Ron Funches says Louis CK made him want to write positive jokes.

“I never want to be that type of person, that old-school, that old Louis comedy that’s like, ‘Oh, my daughters! And my wife! And I hate them!’” Funches says of his uniquely positive approach to stand-up. “Whenever I talk about anyone, whether it’s my mom, my son, my girlfriend, whatever, I try to make sure that it comes this place of love. I show that I love them—and then you can mock them relentlessly.”

“I was apprehensive at first, because I didn’t want people to think I was making fun of my son and I didn’t want people to make fun of my son. But at some point, I had to realize that this was a big part of my life and if I was going to write personal material then I’d have to write about that because that’s a big deal. And it doesn’t define him, it doesn’t make him who he is, it’s just a part of his life and a part of my life, so we talk about it.”

Watch the hysterical set below.

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