‘BH 902010’ is a Guilty Pleasure You Should Treat Yourself To: WATCH

Beverly Hills 90210 was a series my best friend Emily and I were OBSESSED with when we were younger.

Jason Priestley was one of my first real crushes, and Shannen Doherty one of my first real idols.  The series was also one of the reasons that I knew I wanted to live in Los Angeles.  The weather was wonderful, the boys were beautiful, and everything looked just so damn perfect.

After moving to LA, I realized that while the boys are beautiful,  the city is a very different place in real life than it was on television, but it does provide enough melodrama here that it’s never boring.  Also, my first year here I did get to meet Shannen at a restaurant, so that dream was accomplished.

Being in Los Angeles as long as I have been, I’ve learned enough to know to be nervous when Fox announces they’d be rebooting my beloved series. Though successful, the previous reboot on the CW was NOT my 90210 and I was scared to see what they were going to do to my beloved characters. When I hear the premise I got even more skeptical.

Then I watched the pilot, mainly so Emily and I could snicker at it together. While we did laugh, there was nothing cynical about it. The pilot was AMAZING. It took a second to get used to the premise, but once I did, I became obsessed.  It was fantastic!

Just like the original series, BH 90210 has become my weakly staple I have to see. Then, just like I did in school, I have to call Emily to discus. It’s our thing and we love it.

One of my favorite parts of the series is how none of the actors take themselves even a little bit seriously. Like, at all. Tori Spelling makes fun of everything from the rumor about how she used a fake name to audition for the roll of Donna to the fact that she’s broke – constantly. While a lot of Celebreality is written into the show, its totally scripted and 100% amazing.

A show about a show within a show is new and fresh take on what it means to reboot a beloved piece of television history. While at it’s heart, the show is comedic, it wouldn’t be 90210 without drama and there is plenty of that to go around – and mystery.  Straddling multiple genre’s it’s got something for everyone.

Airing on Wednesday nights at 9pm PST on FOX, the limited series is worth the watch.

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