Pete Buttigieg’s Closing Statement From Tonight’s Democratic Debate is Everything, Take a Minute and Listen: WATCH

Pete Buttigieg’s closing statement at tonight’s debate was a bright spot in an otherwise depressing spectacle where too much of the oxygen in the room was sucked up by Warren’s fake scandal withe Sanders.

It was simple, elegant, and to the point.

This is our moment. We have exactly one shot. We have one shot to defeat Donald Trump, and to do it so resoundingly that we send Trumpism into the dustbin of history. But there is a risk—and that risk is to turn to the same Washington political warfare that we’re used to.

If you’re watching the #DemDebate and feel exhausted by the spectacle of division and dysfunction, this is our chance. Join me. If you’re sick of hearing that the economy is so great when it doesn’t match your experience at the kitchen table, join me. We can turn the page.

If you’re a person of color who has felt taken for granted and let down by the old politics, join me. No matter how you’re used to voting, if you have trouble looking your kids in the eye and explaining this president, join me. This is our chance.

If you’re used to voting for the other party, but right now can’t look your children in the eye, join me.

Join me. Unity and not division. Bring an end not just to Trump but to Trumpism.



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