Alexz Johnson’s ‘Running with the Devil’ is a Delight: LISTEN

To listen to a Alexz Johnson is to understand the meaning of the phrase “An instrument of God.”

In her latest release album, Running with the Devil, Johnson unleashes her power as a vocalist with a haunting – almost ethereal sound and an instrumental that builds off the sheer magnificence of a truly beautiful piece of music.

The second single from her forthcoming album, Running with the Devil is not a new song for Johnson. She wrote it years ago as part of her first major release (see video below), but after the project was shelved by the label, the album was, for lack of a better word, dead. For some artists, it’s a career ending blow, forcing them to return to the every day day-to-day monotony of normality.

Not Johnson.

Instead of stepping into the shadows of silence, her voice, and her need to make music only grew stronger. With three studio albums, and five EPs under her belt, the shelving of the album wasn’t the end of the road, it just shifted her road to its completion, making it longer—better.

Now, that it’s back in her control and set to be released later this year, Johnson has proven that persistence is key.

This new version of “Running with the Devil”, the definitive version, finally presented as Johnson has always intended it to be heard is as close to pure pop perfection as you can get.


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