8 Photos of Gus Kenworthy Looking #Fire at Burning Man

2019 has been quite the year for Gus Kenworthy. First Kenworthy announced that he would be participating in the annual Lifecycle/AIDS ride  pledged to raise $1 million–which would have been the largest amount from a single donor.

Kenworthy continued to grow personally and to share with his 1.7 million social media followers affirming messages about coming out, love, and self-expression. What’s more, he’s now using his fame to combat HIV and the stigma that remains around the virus.

Part of the reason why young people (ages 13 to 24) make up nearly a quarter of all new HIV diagnoses, Kenworthy says, is because “there is a lack of education and stigma that still exists around HIV.”

Plus magazine, in its Kenworthy cover story, said:He’ll be cycling at a time when most (81%) of the youth newly diagnosed with HIV are gay and bisexual. “I think the younger generation was spared from experiencing a time when a diagnosis meant a death sentence, but we still have a long way to go,” he says. “We need to continue to speak up for the cause and teach young people how to protect themselves — that’s part of the reason I am doing the AIDS/LifeCycle ride.”

Kenworthy was only able to raise  a little over a  quarter of the pledges amount he sought: $249,760,000. 

Kenworthy seemed to be on relative social media hiatus vis a vis his normal engagement and then in July he announced that he and his boyfriend of 4 years, Matt Wilkas were taking a break.

People magazine  reported in July: A rep for the former couple exclusively tells PEOPLE that Kenworthy, 27, and Wilkas, 41, have amicably decided to take a break in their relationship after nearly four years together. “Gus and Matt are taking time apart,” the rep says. “They love and support each other and remain close friends.”’

So seeing his photos on Instagram from Burning Man which he attended with friends recently, was reassuring as it appears he he took some  time for selfceare—and good goddamn he looks hot—and not just because the emperature at Black Rock City, CA where Burning is held, hovered at around 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out the photos below.

My first Burning Man experience was nothing short of pure magic. From start to finish the week offered more than I could’ve ever imagined or hoped for and delivered everything that I needed. I laughed a lot, cried more than I’d care to admit and truly danced from sundown to sunup.

I made new friends, saw old ones and welcomed the catharsis that the playa can provide. And, since Burning Man is all about community, here are a bunch of pictures of me mostly by myself…






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