7 of Michael Hamm’s Legendary Cosplay Lewks #TGIF

Calgary, Canada based Michael Hamm’s cosplay lewks are legendary and far surpass virtually any of his competitors. It’s Friday so our way to thank the maker is 7 times Hamm rocked so hard the Source Wall shook.

Superboy and Nightwing.
Just a little behind the scenes from a Nightwing shoot with @shauntheshooter
Tactical Nightwing is ready to kick ass! Or pose awkwardly for a photo…
You be the judge!!
This Iceman design was such a random concept. I always new I wanted to be Iceman, and I just loved how badass @shawnrashmore looked in the movie version. That’s why I made sure to keep the leather look, while also icing it up a bit so it had a bit of a comic book vibe! And yeah, I took this picture on my deck lol. ❄️❄️❄️
Robin was my very first costume! Who’s been here since then??

Happy X-Men Day from your 3 goofy mutants!! Sunfire: @megaforcemichael 
Iceman: it’s me!!
True or false, this look is TOO MUCH.

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