Wyoming Bar Sells T-Shirts That Say: ‘We Have a Cure for AIDS. We Shoot Fuck’n Faggots.’

A bar in Cheyenne, Wyoming called The Eagle’s Nest is under fire for selling t-shirts that say, “In Wyoming we have a cure for AIDS. We shoot fuck’n faggots.”

Cowboy State Daily: While Wyoming Equality’s attempts to persuade the bar to stop selling the shirts weren’t successful, the organization is asking people not to protest the business. Instead, the group is calling on them to focus their efforts on supporting Wyoming Equality, as it works with “a number of businesses and leaders to make sure that our message of dignity and equality continues to be shared.”

In an interview with The Cheyenne Post, Eagle’s Nest owner Ray Bereziuk said the shirts sold out and he had no intention of reordering more because he’s “in the bar business, not the apparel business.”

Wyoming Equality’s executive director, Sara Burlingame, said this is an opportunity for people in Wyoming to become inspired to take steps to protect LGBTQ+ individuals in their state. “Want to make it unpopular to be a bigot? Donate to Wyoming Equality or Wyoming AIDS Assistance. Put a pride flag up in your business or home. Wear one of our cool AF shirts. Pass a Hate Crime bill. Invest in queer joy and resilience,” she wrote on her personal Facebook page. “Let the haters hate in their own misery. Keep Wyoming queer and wild.”

It’s still an ugly reminder of the state’s history of LGBT residents. It was 23 years ago that Matthew Shepard was left for dead in an alleged homophobic attack.

The Casper Star Tribune said the discovery that a Cheyenne bar was selling a violent, homophobic T-shirt drew a strong rebuke Monday from community and state leaders.