Wonder Woman Fans Think Diana Prince and Steve Trevor Deserved a Better Ending Than the One In ‘WW84’

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Many fans left viewing Wonder Woman 1984 to take to Twitter to express that they found themselves conflicted about the sad lonely life the Amazon princess leads when she’s not being a superhero and the fact that she’s resolved that she’ll never love anyone or have what she had with Steve Trevor who died at the end of the first film.

Nearly 60 years have passed since then when we see Diana again in WW84. She is now a curator and cultural anthropologist at The Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC and lives at the famous Watergate apartments but has no personal life whatsoever. Something that is underscored by her burgeoning friendship with her new colleague (and eventual nemesis the Cheetah) Dr. Barbara Minerva (Kirsten Wiig).

And although Trevor does reappear and she gets to love again, it cannot last and she loses him again. I’ll let Twitter explain below.