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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Arrives Just in Time To Save Christmas: WATCH

Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman by director Patty Jenkins, is finally here in time for Christmas.

Originally set to debut in June, the film was rescheduled numerous times because of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now being released simultaneously Christmas Day in theaters and on HBO Max.

Patty Jenkins should direct all future superhero movies.


Ok, now that that’s been said, Wonder Woman1984 is everything I hoped it would be. From the opening credits on Themyscira [aka Paradise Island] to the period of 1984, to the mid-credit scene, the film took everything that made the first film great and brought it to the second film without it feeling an old schtick. In a word it was wonderful.

Gal Gadot reprises her role as Diana Prince, who  in 1984, is now living in D.C. and working as a curator for The Smithsonian. This in itself was a wonderful nod to the original Lynda Carter series, which took place in Washington D.C.

But the film goes further, in the fact that I’m almost certain that one of Diana’s outfits was pulled from the original series’ costume rack. It’s Jenkins’ placement of these little Easter eggs that shows she has a true love for this character, and a respect for what came before.

Kristin Wiig, is a formidable foe as Cheetah. She’s quirky, damaged, and everything Dr. Barbara Minerva is supposed to be, from the comic book standpoint. When I heard of her casting, I’d only ever seen her in comedic roles, so I was a bit nervous as to how she was going to play this one off. The answer is: seamlessly.

Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor, though I will not spoil the hows or the whys, but he steals the show with some of the films best comedic moments. Which is another reason why this film is so good. It’s not just an action film, or a super-film. It focus on Diana’s humanity first. It makes her relatable as a person — which so many films fail to do. It’s easy to jump behind her super abilities, after we connect with her on an emotional level — which is one of the reasons Wonder Woman is such an amazing hero. She’s a woman first.

Again, let Patty Jenkins be involved with all super movies from now on. She’s got that magic touch.

I would be remiss not to mention the music of Hans Zimmer and how the score is a character in and of itself.  Not only does it drive the action, it swells the emotions — which is the mark of any great composer, and again, fits in with Jenkins’ narrative for the film.

While I would’ve loved to see this film on the big screen, I am thankful that Warner Brothers and HBO Max have decided to release the film before the end of the year. One, I’ve been waiting for three years for this movie, two, 2020 needed to end with some wonder, and three — they’ve given us a new Christmas movie.

Also, again, no spoilers, but make sure to stick around for the mid-credit scene.

Watch the opening scene below.


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