Why Is ‘Raftusing’ the New Summer Trend on College Campuses?

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What is “Ratfusing” and why is sweeping across college campuses?

According to Total Frat Move: Meet Harry Raftus: a Phi Delt that goes to an unnamed school in California who has blown up on Tik Tok for being good-looking and shotgunning pretty much any alcohol you can find in a can. From what I’ve heard from people that know him, he’s actually a pretty cool kid, but based on the fact that he makes more money than any of you reading this for shotgunning white claws shirtless and fucking hot girls, we hate him. And I’ll be the first to admit that it’s because we’re jealous. This kid is living the dream with a mid-shotty time.

@harryraftusNew room♬ original sound – Djrushhour

A week ago, I was walking to my friend’s house with four beers in my hand because I couldn’t find a bag when a bunch of youths yelled out from across the street, “yo Raftus, four beers, that’s fucking sick, bro.”

Getting “Raftused” is the new getting dunked on. It’s like calling somebody a hardo, but somehow so much worse. And once you’ve been Raftused, you want to Raftus other people, just to get that old Raftus off of you. It’s like the college version of the cheese touch. As soon as I got Raftused, I had to Raftus my boy that doesn’t have a Tik Tok account. He didn’t even know what it meant. He just saw people laughing at him and wanted to beat the shit out of me. At this point, I get anxious just holding a can of White Claw. And even if I am holding a can, I open it immediately. We have to be careful this summer. I haven’t seen an epidemic quite like this since my friends realized pantsing each other was hilarious in the sixth grade.

He simply shotguns beers and fucks Instagram models.