What If… ? Taylor Swift Played Dazzler In Upcoming X-Men Movies

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Rumors about Taylor Swift playing Dazzler in Fox’s X-Men franchise started back back when director Bryan Singer was shooting X-Men: Apocalypse. 

A scene showing  Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey with a Dazzler record got fans excited, especially since they thought that the girl on the cover looked like Taylor Swift.

Now with the X-Men franchise being folded in to the MCU proper, illustrator Steven Defendini posted a picture of Taylor Swift as Dazzler on his Instagram writing: So…I knew exactly how I was going to approach Dazzler once I got here. It was 100% clear in my mind, which isn’t always the case. There was a rumored(confirmed?) casting of @taylorswift briefly making a cameo as the character in Dark Phoenix and while that never came to fruition, I was curious what that could look like. Folklore and Evermore are spectacular, so with those and the rest of her catalogue on repeat around here, I’m glad I was finally able to find an excuse to work in her portrait. (Really digging that Drivers License/Getaway mashup recently) .


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