Watch ‘Them’ a Docu-Series Focusing on the ‘T’ in LGBTQIA+ in Observance of Today’s Trans Day of Remembrance 2020 #TDOR

Revry, the first global LGBTQ+ TV network, debuts its newest original, Them, a docu-series focusing on the “T” in LGBTQIA+ in observance of today’s Trans Day of Remembrance 2020.  Them provides inspirational and uplifting stories from people within the trans / gender non-conforming community.

“The euphoria of feeling aligned in your body and your mind…” Kai Wes, actor/producer, identifies as non-binary and trans-masculine. “That is a real privilege if you’ve never experienced that discomfort. And that’s why it’s so, so important to understand that transitioning is more than just about physicality.”



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The dynamic three episode docu-series illuminates and uplifts the colorful gender spectrum as well as the non-binary/transgender community in all the glory they represent. Appealing to outsiders, allies and non-trans members of the LGBTQIA+ alike, Themenlightens the subject because it comes from the perspective of the trans/non-binary community themselves.

“Much of the LGBTQ community is represented but within that, the “T” is so underrepresented.” Irish-Italian queer pop sensation FLAVIA orchestrated the docu-series on set for her latest music video, “Them”.

“Trans people have the highest number of homelessness and unemployment…and people just don’t know.”



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“Trans Day of Remembrance is such an important moment of reflection–especially in light of the present threats to the health, safety, and freedoms of trans and non-binary people,” says Revry co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Christopher J. Rodriguez, Esq., “As a diversely queer-owned and operated network, Revry is honored to share these raw true stories of the trans experience with the world to help foster understanding, acceptance, and empathy.”

One in five transgender individuals have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives and more than one in fourtransgender people have lost a job due to bias and discrimination. The Trevor Project also tells us that 40% of transgender adults reported have made a suicide attempt, most attempts being made before the age of 25. Knowing that the LGBTQI+ youth are struggling today in our society, what can we do about it?


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“I think it’s important for kids to see the trans and non binary experience in the media and see it as something positive, something to look forward to.” Sara Stanger identifies as transgender and non-binary. “I do believe a lot of it has to do with how they are seeing it in the media.”

In an effort to help youth around the world feel less alone, FLAVIA sought out trans and non-binary supportive art and artists to include in the series. “I looked for art. Trans supportive art – and I couldn’t find it. Because it’s not that they don’t exist, it’s that the media doesn’t cover them enough.”

This uplifting three-part series was directed and edited by Basil Mironer, captured on set of FLAVIA’s music video, Them. The video is is a colorful, evocative number choreographed by Carlena Britch and features close to 50 individuals who all identify as trans, gender non-conforming, or non-binary.

FLAVIA explains, “I wrote Them based on a relationship I had was with someone who identified as trans-masculine and non-binary. I learned through their openness how powerful language truly is, and how impactful a word choice can be for someone. Whether it’s delineating between the use of ‘chest’ instead of ‘breasts’, or using someone’s correct pronouns, it can be the tiniest shift in our language that makes someone feel seen, validated and respected.  Them is intended to be inclusive of the entire trans/gender nonconforming/non-binary community. My hope was that Them could help uplift the voices of the T in LGBTQ+ that is so often wildly underrepresented in popular media.”

Them, the docu-series premieres today, November 20th, on-demand for free on Revry at

Ask me who I’m with, I’m with them; body was a woman now a real gentleman; don’t need a label when I’m lying on your skin; ask me who I’m with, I’m with them. – FLAVIA, “Them”

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