Trump Tells Iran: ‘If You F–k Around with Us—We Are Gonna do Things to You that Have Never Been Done Before’—WATCH

Hours after being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center for COVID-19 related treatment, President Donald J. Trump appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s highly rated, conservative radio show where he held a “virtual rally” since Trump cannot do them in person.

According to The Week, “Rush Limbaugh tried to make up for the fact that President Trump shouldn’t be out in public right now by holding him a “radio rally” on Friday. Guided in with sounds of a make-believe crowd, Trump spent two hours answering softball questions and receiving heaps of praise from the right-wing radio host, all while levying threats against other countries and changing his mind about a COVID-19 stimulus bill.”

Among his meandering, yet feverish rambling, Trump lay into Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and had a very specific threat directed at Iran saying, “If you f–k around with us … we are gonna do things to you that have never been done before.”

Watch the clip posted on Vox‘s political reporter Aaron Rupar’s Twitter feed below.