Troye Sivan Puts Journalist on Blast for Asking Whether He’s a Top or Bottom

GAY POP SINGER Troye Sivan put a journalist on blast on Twitter after an interview in which he asked the “Bloom” singer a question that crossed a line: asking whether he’s a top or a bottom.


After one of his Twitter followers asked “who’s this interviewer the bar is on the floor,” Sivan tweeted back, “I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then i remembered how wildly invasive, strange and innapropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!”


“Next time I’ll just do a Twitter Q&A”


Back in June, Vogue‘s 73 Questions caught up with Sivan shortly after he arrived home (to his manager’s house) from his 15-country tour.

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