Thomas Wayne Attempts To Solve the Mystery of the Return of Flashpoint

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Flashpoint was the crisis that changed everything. But after it changed everything, this parallel universe ceased to exist and the New 52 was born.

Gamespot: The original Flashpoint event was the result of the Flash messing up the timeline of the DC Universe, resulting in a darker world where Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s war had devastated the planet, Superman had been imprisoned by the US government since he crash-landed in Kansas as an infant, and Thomas Wayne had become the Batman after his son Bruce was gunned down.

Flashpoint details an altered DC Universe in which only Barry Allen seems to be aware of significant differences between the regular timeline and the altered one, including Cyborg’s place as the world’s quintessential hero, much like Superman is in the main timeline, with Superman himself being held captive as a lab-rat by the United States government within an underground facility in Metropolis. In addition, Thomas Wayne is Batman, and a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman has decimated western Europe.

The Flashpoint universe was eventually erased from the multiverse after it led into the New 52 reboot, although traces of it have popped up over the years since then. Original Flashpoint writer Geoff Johns will team up with co-writers Jeremy Adams (The Flash) and Tim Sheridan (Teen Titans) and artists Eduardo Risso and Xermanico for a new limited series called Flashpoint Beyond, which sees Thomas Wayne back in action.

After sacrificing everything to help The Flash put the universe back together and save Bruce Wayne’s life, Thomas Wayne wakes up in a world he thought was no more. Forced to don the cowl once again, Batman prowls the streets of Gotham City searching for answers to how this world still exists, but what he starts to uncover will send him hurtling around the globe. The hunt for the Clockwork Killer starts here.

Starting with issue #1, Johns will share writing duties with Jeremy Adams (THE FLASH) and Tim Sheridan (SHAZAM) and artwork from XERMÁNICO (INFINITE FRONTIER) with a new issue coming out every two weeks.

In FLASHPOINT BEYOND #1 Batman’s hunt for the Clockwork Killer brings him to Europe and face to face with the mad king, Aquaman. On the eve of Aquaman’s sinking of London, Batman infiltrates his stronghold and goes on the warpath for answers. Nothing matters to Batman, whose world is already dead, but if he can track down the Clockwork Killer, Thomas can save his son’s world and put everything back together again.

“This is something that, as a fan, I’ve been waiting for a long time — a return to the world of Flashpoint,” said Sheridan. “The fact that I’ve gotten to be a small part of that return is just about the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me and getting to be associated with Geoff, Jeremy, Eduardo, Xermánico and a team that’s put their whole hearts into this, has made it no less than surreal. I can’t wait for people to see these pages!”

“It’s been a privilege, and incredible learning experience, to work with these talented writers, artists, inkers, letterers, colorists and editors for this series,” said Adams. “Talking story and character has been eye-opening, and the lessons will undoubtedly color everything I do from now on. I’m beyond excited that DC fans will get to go back to the Flashpoint Universe and experience a grounded mystery that will evoke serious philosophical questions while tugging at your heartstrings.”

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Cover by DEXTER SOY 
Variant cover by EDUARDO RISSO 
1:25 variant cover by MAX DUNBAR 
1:50 variant cover by TODD NAUCK
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