The Selected Works of Kirill Fadeyev Will Knock You Out

Kirill Fadeyev is an artist with an exceptional imagination and tremendous artistic skill. Known as the Ukrainian Aubrey Beardsley, his elegant line drawing makes his erotic pictures of men unique and immediately recognizable.

His Instagram account is protected to prevent underage viewers so we’re featuring screen grabs with the Instagram links.

“HIT FROM 2020” 👊🏻 .. my client sent me a photo ..🖼 Insta link.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, he works as a painter and architectural designer. A fine artist, he won many prizes as a student and a major historical painting by him hangs in the office of the Government of Kiev. Fadeyev is also the author of a number of sculptural and architectural monuments, including the monument of the WWII fallen soldiers in the very center of Kiev. He is a challenging artist and his works will often shock the viewer. But his great skill as a draftsman, along with his humor and sense of play, redeem his works and raise them to some of the most engaging works of graphic art produced anywhere in the world today.

We curated some of our favorite paintings he’s posted on Instagram.

sketch “kite” 😉🌈 Intsa link.

“SAILOR” 2017 .🌊⚓️ ..⚜️ ⚜️… #gayart #gay #gaymen #nude #gayboy#boy #men #erotic #painting#kirillfadeyev #male #naked  Insta Link.

«virginity» .. 🎨fragment Insta Link.

“Sand castles” 🌞🏰😉 fragment… SOLD. Insta Link.

antique motif ..🎨 Insta Link.

Visit Fadeyev’s official site where you can buy his art and learn more about his work.