The #GAYNRD Guide to Achieving the Best You in the New Year #2021

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU Every new year’s is a light of hope and promise that if we just get off on the right foot, we’re gonna lose that weight, get in shape, and talk to that dude you see on Grindr all the time but think is out of your league.

Getting In Shape means different things for everyone. For every chunky roller who wants to be svelte, there’s a Twink with twunk, and maybe even himbo dreams in his future.

Try something new like CrossFit and see dramatic and drastic changes you didn’t think were possible. Try cutting something out of your diet that you know isn’t good for you and adding an activity to your workout routine that you will both enjoy and will give you a good butt kick like riding your bike back and forth. By focusing on things you know you can do — rather than general ideals of what you’d like to accomplish — you will begin to achieve goals that may not have occurred to you.

Find a Boyfriend
I have never even fathomed this as a resolution since looking for love virtually precludes finding one. Find you instead.


Keep on top of the above fitness regime.

Go hang out with friends you genuinely like, let alone love, there’s no 1:1 ration on ROI with this plan but after exhaling you may find yourself loving a person who is the exact opposite of the “ideal” avatar you have in your head.

Travel More Travel where? Anywhere? Or do you have somewhere specific in mind?

With COVID restrictions sure to gradually  lift on travel with the advent of the vaccine, virtually anywhere you go will be replete with outgoing people popping their proverbial corks. If you aren’t sure where to go, ask friends where they’ve been.

Ask one of them to join you.

Make it an adventure.

If you want to start a family, start thinking about what that would mean financially, mentally, and physically before committing to and falling in love with the idea of twins you can dress like mini-me’s.

Start an OnlyFans and spice up an existing relationship, or start solo and find one.

We don’t all have to get married you know.

Most importantly? HAVE FUN!


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