The Future of Gay Dating is Here

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When Britton Pentakill the creator of the new gay dating app Woo Him was developing it, he was looking to create a better mousetrap.

Pentakill said, “I’d like to say that I originally had some laudable goal of helping the community, advancing our marriage and equality initiatives back then, or even that there was no social network for gays to go to at all back then. I’d like to say those things but I can’t. The truth is, I was one of the most popular members on a then heavily used but now defunct gay social site and from making posts on there I saw how profitable it could be. I also knew I could build a better mousetrap. So I did.”

Among other things, you have to record a live video before chatting with someone, immediately eliminating any chance of cat fishing. Something that was an easy development to correct a persistent problem when using dating apps.

Pentakill started WooHim in 2007. Originally launched under the name CockTheVote it was universally loved by users,but he says, “I soon found out that advertisers wouldn’t touch it.”

Some highlights of the app include the aforementioned requirement of users to start a conversation by taking a real time photo or video. All WooHim profiles show a favorability rating which let’s you know how many people have issues with the user. It has snapchat like features including geofilters for a lot of gay clubs, bars, and every city.

The app detects if the users is moving at a car speed (not aircraft, etc) and issues a dismissable alert to not Woo and drive.
It let’s all users see who has viewed their profile without paying for an upgrade. It has considerably fewer ads than the competitors.
One of the best features is that WooHim let’s users unlock private photo or video content for each other and  has a private content locker where you can view everyone that has ever unlocked for you.
Toggles for “Can Host” which will display a house icon in the listings and “Now Looking” which will display eyeball emojis on the listings.
Sexual roles by users are easy to know fast, if they list it, by eggplant, peach, oral only, etc emojis.
And it has a voice command features which can accomplish most tasks in the app. So if you said, “Show me guys age 18 to 21 in Albuquerque New Mexico” or  “add a photo”  it will, all without typing.
Check it out here.


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