The Fifth Generation of Heroes is Coming to DC Comics in May

At last fall’s New York Comic-Con now ousted DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio hinted at DC Comics 5G (for fifth generation).

Bleeding Cool reports: The Fifth Generation of DC super-heroes. And this directly tied into what we had been reporting about DC Comics introducing a replacement for Bruce Wayne as Batman, intended to be a black character. And then we learned Luke Fox, son of Wayne tech wizard Lucius Fox and the current Batwing, was locked in to take the role rather than any of the Robins…. We learnt that Jonathan Kent, Superman’s son, would take over his role as the Superman of the DC Universe. That Diana would be the first to be replaced as Wonder Woman. Competiting versions that either Teen Lantern or Jo Mullein would take over Hal Jordan as the main Green Lantern of Earth. Captain Boomerang’s kid would take over from Barry Allen as The Flash. We heard that whatever Francis Manapul had been planning for Aquaman: Earth One was being repurposed for 5G.”

Above: Wonder Woman #750 would be the first glimpse of the new DC timeline – and indeed, it pushed back Wonder Woman’s first appearance to World War Two (not One).

Then DC Comics announced Generation Zero for Free Comic Book Day, the first of 6 specials, which would also include Generations One to Five. Generation Five was suddenly the new name for 5G – which avoids certain uncomfortable confluences – and the announcement of Death Metal which we had also been talking about for some time as a series that would set up certain 5G aspects, such as seeing Superman and Batman aged, and underline the ‘everything happened, everything matters’ mantra of the new DC timeline that will precede it, celebrating 85 years of DC history. And that Generation Zero was getting added pages, to help set it all up.

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