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‘The Daily Show’s’ Jaboukie Young-White is Our #MCM

CUTIE-PATOOTIE and Daily Show correspondent, Jaboukie Young-White first came to our attention when his hysterical stand-up bit about coming out in a Jamaican American family on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon went viral.

Since then, he’s doubled down with a sequel to that act that is, we dare say, funnier.

But we finally saw his true comic genius and knew he’d be around for a long time when he bravely began pillorying the alleged Jussie Smollet hate attack hoax.

It culminated in his coup de grâce to the Smollett story in his parody, “Jussie’s Lie.” You can watch below.

Over the weekend, as record breaking temperatures overtook the entire country, Young-White showed some skin on social media and we were here for it.

Happy #ManCrushMonday y’all!

It’s “invite the landscaper inside for lemonade while you complain about your husband always being gone on business trips and trace a single ice cube along your collarbone” degrees.

“I’ve never watched porn or had kiss…”

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